What is the Social Connect Series?
The Social Connect Series of educational resources are of the brain child of Laura Crowley, BA ECS(hons), PGD Prof Studies Ed,  MA Ed, PGC TLHE. 
Laura's primary goal is to design practical, positive resources for children to allow them to feel in control, rather than lost in their emotions. She is passionate about inspiring and empowering young people to overcome their barriers and allow them to connect to their peers and the wider community. 
Laura believes that children's mental health is as important as their physical health and the impact of providing a positive foundation for dealing with difficult emotions, will be felt throughout life.
 Laura's message is simple

It is okay to not feel okay, but you don't have to stay that way.
You can help yourself
Laura's Experience
 Laura is a Mother, Author, Lecturer and Autism Consultant, with over 21 years experience working with young people in a variety of specialist settings. Laura also has a diagnosis of Autism and her life long struggle navigating social scenarios, and Generalised and Social Anxiety prompted her to create the Social Connect Series of resources. Her experience designing and delivering programmes for tweens and teens on the Autistic Spectrum added a practical user centred focus to the series.
As a parent and educator, Laura understands the need for easy to follow resources, which are accessible to all regardless of training, and so she has placed heavy emphasis on the accessibility of her resources for parents and teachers alike. 
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