We aim to support you as best we possibly can, and so we have designed a number of training programmes to help you work towards helping your child or student, to overcome their barriers and make connections. We also provide a substantial e-learning resource pack with each training event and a certificate of attendance. If you would like more information on any of our training events, contact us here

A Ground Up Approach to Understanding, Developing and Sustaining Friendships

Does your child or student struggle to develop lasting friendships? Do they experience "era's of friendship" and wonder why they abruptly come to an end? Then this event is not to be missed. I have compiled 21 years of professional hands on experience, with my lived experience of social difficulties to formulate this guide to understanding, developing and navigating friendships, specifically designed for those of us who are on the spectrum, but equally as valuable for any child who struggles. This training event comes complete with an extensive digital resource pack to ensure your learning, as well as a certificate of attendance. 

In this event you will gain an understanding of 

  • How to explain friendship in a concrete way
  • How to develop new friendships
  • How to build lasting friendships
  • The social and emotional skills required for friendships 
  • Develop comprehension of theory of mind 
  • Activities which can aid and develop friendships 

Thursday 2nd December


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